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Magic Mann was founded on April 20th, 2019, in South Burlington, Vermont, by Meredith Mann and Brian Armstrong. Meredith’s formulations and cannabis expertise spans 30 years. Both recognized the need for clean, safe, properly dosed cannabis products, livable wage jobs in their community, and the need for Cannabis Education and trusted products.
Our company was founded on the decades long dream of Meredith and Nick, of creating a craft cannabis company that not only produced premium craft flower and edibles, by also gave back to our community and other Cannabis Cultivators and Producers. Through years of Trust and respect a team was created of amazing compassionate and talented Cannabis Lovers, and here we are!
Meredith’s Experience as a Medical Patient and Dispensary Supervisory has given her the perspective and compassion needed to advocate and create a respect for the Cannabis plant that may be getting lost in Translation elsewhere.
Our craft products are formulated and produced using the finest Vermont ingredients available, by us; this contributes to our mission of promoting community and local businesses through our products and events.
We are involved in every aspect of production from flower to oil, product development to the packaging, we formulate right here in Vermont. Our products are available at our Flagship location, Website and other local locally and national businesses. We strive to make not only our lives healthier but also the lives of those around us, in our community and globally. We want to provide a better life for our customers with the best possible products, education, resources, and events.
Our philosophy is to give back to the people and the planet by supporting Indigenous People and food sustainability issues among disproportionately affected Tribes through out the US and beyond. We created the Magic Mann Global Indigenous Fund as a Platform for all people and all businesses to show respect for Cultivation and curating on Indigenous land.
We hope you join our community of educated cannabis consumers and see what Magic Mann can do for you.

We Know Our CBD Products.

With over 30+ years of experience in the cannabinoid world, we pride ourselves on our extensive cannabis education background in both cultivation processing and patient care. We make sure to be involved in the process from start to finish; your medicine is important to us.  Each plant holds enormous healing properties and deserves the best care and most natural ingredients for feeding as we can get.

All of our CBD is farmed locally in Vermont

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your product purchase

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